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  • Retreats and Festivals
  • Retreats and Festivals
  • Retreats and Festivals
  • Retreats and Festivals
  • Retreats and Festivals

Wild Creative Workshops tailored for your Retreat or Festival.

Reclaim your inner WILD and your lost CREATIVE.
Add some meaningful, heart centred craft to your event.

Our culture celebrates busyness yet our bodies show us clear signs to practice deeper listening, heart centred health practices and connection to what matters most. These workshops create a safe space to slow down, pay attention and explore mindfulness through movement, craft and ritual within nature.

In this space lies healing.
Freedom to be and feel.

* RECLAIMING YOUR INTUITION through eco therapy
* BRAVE PAINT: Reconnect to your playfulness using freedom painting techniques.
* WILD WOMEN: Return to the healing simplicity of foraging, using tools and creating with your hands.
* PROCESS ART FOR PERFECTIONISTS You know when you're holding on.
Learn playful techniques to practice letting go and be more comfortable with change.

During a Wild Creative workshop Kate will gently guide you on ways to surrender control of the outcome. We use materials that are fluid and open ended to support individual expression and our communal intention is that no two are ever the same.
Just like human beings.

Workshops can be simple and playful, examine the work-life balance or you can opt for a deeper spiritual session utilising powerful grounding techniques interwoven throughout.

Pricing may vary depending on group size and materials required.
Workshops can run for 1-3hrs.

Please contact Kate for your event: [email protected]