Become a Wild Creative Mentor

Wild Creative is interested in bringing members of the community together.
Many of us have skills we would love to use more but don't get the chance to.

We invite you to fill in this expression of interest form if you have skills in the following areas and want to share them with children aged between 0-10yo.
We value skills gained through life experiences as well as formal qualifications.

Do you have expertise or knowledge to share in any of these areas?

- tool use and woodwork
- nature crafts
- environmental issues
- sustainability practices
- knot tying
- bush tucker
- indigenous art/seasons
- medicinal plants/herbs

Build your understanding of how nature correlates to our entire, holistic wellbeing, immerse yourself in eco crafts, improve your tool skills, learn to value mindful movement & nature ritual practices.

Learn about yourself, as we foster leadership skills and offer you the space to mentor younger children aged 5-10yrs.

Skills you need:
- responsible & reliable time wise
- basic understanding of risks within nature
- have a capacity to follow guidelines & rules
- have a respect for nature & the environment
- want to work as our ‘Hawkeye’ helping keep kids safe.

Please get in touch with:
- CV/relevant experience
- contact details
- photo
email: [email protected]