Kate Andrews
Founder Wild Creative
Lead Facilitator and Mentor

Wild Creative founder Kate Andrews is an art and eco therapist, wildschooling mother of two, musician and kids yoga teacher (in training:).

Known for creative innovation paired with a nature bonded wellbeing mindset, Kate has created all Wild Creative workshops and programs from research, lived experience and study.

Each offering gifts children tangible, holistic tools to support their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health as they develop.

This is the cornerstone of everything the team does.

Kath Grimbly
Eco Therapy Mentor

Kath is a mother, counsellor, nature therapist, whole-food caterer, poet, lover of nature and children. Her passion lies in creating a brighter, peaceful and sustainable future.

Kath has studied primary teaching, massage, counselling and nature-based therapy (eco therapy).
She is a facilitator of Joanna Macy's 'The Work that Reconnects' and is the catering manager for Activate Tree Planting, a bi-annual tree planting festival that is rehabilitating WA's wheatbelt. 

She strongly believes that nurturing children with healthy food, building emotional literacy and communication skills helps create deeper connections to community and nature creating a more harmonious world for all.

Kath is an integral part of our Soul School Homeschool Program.