Wild Creative has gifted Ronin and I with the most beautiful space filled with the most beautiful people and meaningful experiences. We felt like part of a special family, and enjoyed the break away from the stressors of the world around us.
Kate delivers thought provoking, heart opening, purposeful activities for the children which often nurture the inner child of the parents also. Ronin loved that he could just “be”, in whatever form that took for the day, whether it meant happy gross motor “floor is lava” and hide and seek, or, working out his big feelings with the feelings log and beanbags.
Thank you Kate for the most amazing time.

  • Nat Wright

You are a beautiful host, you have such an authentic energy and are wonderful at holding space for kids and mamas.
Your program was the high point in our day.  At the end of the day we always talk with the kids about what they are grateful for, and today they said whittling their wands and spears was the best. Thank you!

- Kathryn Hood

My boys left feeling very happy with their cups full and they were grounded. Thank you.
- Marisa Bozanich

love that you taught me how to nurture creativity. I'd never realised how important it is to let kids create independently.

-Bec Land

Your work has helped me tremendously through my parenting journey and it really does give us both a way for us to process  and create something together.

-Cat Von Felten 

We tribal painted, we yoga flowed, we drum circled and we forgot about the world. Thank you Kate for creating such a  beautiful space where children can just BE...entirely and completely their unique selves.

-Shona McFox

Leon loves it there and always comes back home with a freeness in his energy.

- Jenna Harrison

In a world where being busy can be valued, I love stepping away and connecting with my littlies in this relaxed and calm environment.

Here we are reminded to slow down, breathe, connect to nature and to explore through art and listening to our powerful and wise inner voice.

Kate effortlessly coordinates this experience and make us feel supported in this dynamic and holistic environment.

- Cat Von Ryan