We've been using [Soul School] as therapy. 
The changes I have seen in Miss 6 in half a term are just HUGE!
*Increased strength
* Increased independence
*More willing to open up and engage with others
*A new attitude of "I can do it" and "I'll be OK" 
*Pride in trying out new things and showing me what she can now do
*Communicating when she needs help or to sit out from an activity
*Confidence in making new friends
*Use of breathing and other techniques to help manage emotions.

And it's not just me who has noticed.
Her therapists, teachers and others have all commented on the changes that I truly believe have largely come from this amazing experience.
It is the best value program for results that we have tried. 
Miss 6 is super excited for Friday to come around and it's usually our hardest day pain and fatigue wise.
But she will happily attend 4 hours of movement with Kate!
Kate is AMAZING.
- Pia Hazelwood, Owner Perth Kids Hub (Soul School)

I'm not sure what happens when I leave the girls with you -  but I do know it's incredibly impactful, and they're better/stronger/freeer in themselves when they return.
(Warrior Tweens Empowerment Circles)

My daughter has really benefitted from Soul School. I feel it has really helped with resilience, thinking before speaking and general happiness.
Sue Ross, Founder Choirs 4 Kids (Soul School)

Kate is amazing. Bringing softness along with grit into my boy and leadership and spirutal strength for my girl.
Highly recommend her sessions.
Wendy T
(Soul School/Warrior Tween empowerment circles)

I just want to let you know that Noah had an absolutely wonderful time with you today. I was a little nervous of how he would go as he does struggle with separation anxiety.

After going to programs by himself he will usually have huge tantrums after and we will have to cop it big time as he’s releasing built up stress.
He was SO HAPPY and SO CALM when we picked him up today it was amazing to see! For this sole reason I know he’s had a great time and had the chance to release in a safe and healthy way throughout the morning. 
I am so thankful for your program and so, so happy I chose to send Noah today. 
-Desirée (Soul School/Warrior Boys)

You worked some powerful magic on my very angry tween this afternoon.
First time she's verbally acknowledged how she struggles with being highly reactive.
Mel Jones
(Warrior Tweens Empowerment Circles)

Thank you so much for what you offered Bodhi today, he burst out of the bush with a huge grin screaming proudly ‘Mum! I Loved it!’
He couldn’t stop talking about what he learnt and I could see he felt refreshed and empowered from the activities and from the freedom to play.
So grateful for what you're doing, thank you.
-Courtney (Warrior Boys)

My boy just loved it!!!  He has had lots of behavioural problems and has had a lot of therapy for regulation for ADHD.  He came home quite enthused.  I think going to an activity which teaches emotional intelligence in such a natural way within a group of peers made him feel like he wasn't weird or broken!  Thank you!
- Kylie (Warrior Boys)

Abigail had the best morning and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.
She said her favourite was making the potion roller and the moon necklaces
- Melanie (Warrior Girls)

Layla wanted to do Warrior Girls 'everyday’ and Riley ‘ liked everything’.
- Fiona (Warrior Girls)

Wild Creative has gifted Ronin and I with the most beautiful space filled with the most beautiful people and meaningful experiences. We felt like part of a special family, and enjoyed the break away from the stressors of the world around us.
Kate delivers thought provoking, heart opening, purposeful activities for the children which often nurture the inner child of the parents also. Ronin loved that he could just “be”, in whatever form that took for the day, whether it meant happy gross motor “floor is lava” and hide and seek, or, working out his big feelings with the feelings log and beanbags.
Thank you Kate for the most amazing time.

  • Nat Wright (Nature Village)

You are a beautiful host, you have such an authentic energy and are wonderful at holding space for kids and mamas.
Your program was the high point in our day.  At the end of the day we always talk with the kids about what they are grateful for, and today they said whittling their wands and spears was the best. Thank you!
-Kathryn Hood (Nature Village)

My boys left feeling very happy with their cups full and they were grounded. Thank you.
- Marisa Bozanich (Soul School)

love that you taught me how to nurture creativity. I'd never realised how important it is to let kids create independently.

-Bec Land 

Your work has helped me tremendously through my parenting journey and it really does give us both a way for us to process  and create something together.

-Cat Von Felten 

We tribal painted, we yoga flowed, we drum circled and we forgot about the world. Thank you Kate for creating such a  beautiful space where children can just BE...entirely and completely their unique selves.
-Shona McFox

Leon loves it there and always comes back home with a freeness in his energy.
-Jenna Harrison (Soul School)

In a world where being busy can be valued, I love stepping away and connecting with my littlies in this relaxed and calm environment.

Here we are reminded to slow down, breathe, connect to nature and to explore through art and listening to our powerful and wise inner voice.

Kate effortlessly coordinates this experience and make us feel supported in this dynamic and holistic environment.
- Cat Von Ryan