$55.00 - $370.00

FOR 5-12YO
FRIDAYS 9.30-1.30pm

Soul School is where your child will develop vital life skills to manage their own wellbeing and flourish into resilient, balanced, motivated individuals.

Your child will take part in wider community activities and build foundational practices to protect and safeguard their mental and emotional health throughout their lives.

This innovative learning program focusses on experiences rather than specific outcomes (experiential learning):
* Promotes self awareness
* Develops emotional literacy/mental health awareness/body literacy
* Increases empathy
* Helps kids have a deeper understanding of who they are
* Encourages nature connection
* Supports your child's unique creativity, self expression and learning style.

Emotional regulation skills
Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution
Creative and critical thinking
Resilience vs discomfort
Confidence + Self Esteem
Planting new shrubs
Compassionate Communication (non violent communication for kids)

We build foundational skills through the use of:
* Art and Eco therapy
* Mindfulness journalling
* Lowering anxiety and stress through breathing techniques
* Movement designed for letting off steam and emotional regulation
* Nature craft that boosts curiosity and imagination
* Simple herbal remedies and plant medicine
* Music for the soul
* Singing and song creation

Often we want life to be linear and organised.
In reality, life is messy and filled with experiences that challenge us.
To become EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT first we must understand our feelings and how they affect the choices we make.
To become EMOTIONALLY LITERATE we need to develop awareness of our affect on others, their emotions and the choices we have to pause, react or solve the problem.

There is no one size fits all to develop these skills.
In this program, we utilise numerous modalities to encourage each child to find their ideal support system and co regulator depending on the situation.

TERM 2 2024
19 April - 21 June (8 wks)
NB NO SESSIONS MAY 3 or 17th (I am on PD training)
9.30-1.30pm (4hrs)
Bush space in Leederville (specific location given with booking confirmation)
DROP OFF program for for 5-12yo
Full Term: $370
Half Term $185 (4 sessions)
$55/casual session*
*please add date you are coming in checkout notes.
Payment plans available for term bookings.
Please contact: [email protected]